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Welcome to the Polk County Hot Shots Shooting Sports Club!
Polk County Hot Shots Calendar for 2013 – 2015*


Oct 5th  Registration

Nov 2nd  Elections

Dec 7th

Jan 11th

Feb 1st

March 1st  Indoor Archery

April 5th  Postal

May 3rd  Postal

June 7th  Postal

July 12th   Postal

Aug 2nd   Postal

Sept 6th  Top Shot Event



Oct 4th  Registration

Nov 1st  Elections

Dec 6th 

Jan 10th

Feb 7th

March 7th  Indoor Archery

April 4th  Postal

May 2nd  Postal

June 2nd  Postal

July 11th  Postal

Aug 1st  Postal

Sept 5th Top Shot Event

* schedule is subject to change

For more information on becoming a 4H member please go to the Polk County 4H website